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The 80535 and 80570 are MACE Pepper Gel products that offer superior protection against potential threats. Unlike traditional pepper sprays that come in a liquid stream, MACE Pepper Gel is a patented formulation that suspends pepper spray in a gel. This results in several advantages, including longer distance coverage, stronger pepper spray, and a non-flammable formula that sticks like glue and is less contaminating.

Product Features:

– Patented formulation of pepper spray suspended in gel for superior protection.

– Longer distance coverage, allowing you to spray from a further distance.

– Stronger pepper spray for maximum effectiveness against potential threats.

– Non-flammable formula for added safety.

– Sticks like glue to the attacker, minimizing contamination to surrounding areas.

– Comes in two variants, 80535 and 80570, to suit your specific needs.

– Compact and easy to carry for on-the-go protection.

– Trusted brand in personal defense for over 40 years.

– Ideal for use in outdoor activities, self-defense, and home protection.

– Easy to use, with a flip-top safety cap to prevent accidental discharge.

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