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I know some of you may have trouble writing your About page content. Many people consider this just filler. However, it shouldn’t be. Many visitors to your website will go there first. Most people when writing content for the About page, make it entirely about themselves, their company. In sales, practically everything you do should be about your customer. Use your About page to start the process of people liking and trusting you.

I came across an excellent example of how to write content for the About page. Below is just an excerpt to give you the feel for what they did. Their About page is 90% about their customer.

We get it when it comes to video production you want your video to stand out. You want your competitors to envy you. You want your clients to put their trust and money in your company. You want fans that will share and brag about it. You want your brand to be the first thing people think of when someone mentions a product or service in your industry. Maybe you want a video that sells. Maybe you want a video that will send traffic to your website and money to your bank account. You want your video to be the shining star of your marketplace. You want the world to love your company as much as you do and guess what, we want that too. We don’t just make awesome videos, we make you smile from ear to ear when we rank your videos on the first page of Google. We put videos in front of your target audience and make the views go up. We push your buyers…

Now, how could you use this theme to write your own content for your About page. Below is a quick example of what you could do.

We get it when it comes to self-defense products and your personal safety. You want something that makes you feel safer when you are walking or jogging by yourself. You want to feel safe when you are walking to your car at the end of the work day. You want your daughter to be safe when she’s at college. You want quality, but you don’t want to over pay. You like variety and options. ETC…

Hope this gives you some good ideas about how to approach writing content for your About page.

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