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Pepper Spray

What is Mace Pepper spray?

Mace Pepper spray is a self-defense product designed to deter attackers and provide protection from harm. It is a chemical compound that uses pressurized cans of oil or water mixed with an irritant, usually oleoresin capsicum (OC) derived from hot peppers. Mace Pepper Spray can cause intense burning, coughing and choking sensations that can immobilize an assailant long enough for the target to escape or call for help. It is typically sold in aerosol spray cans that are easy to carry and use, making it an effective way to protect oneself in situations where bodily harm might be imminent.

What are the types of mace pepper spray?

There are two main types of Mace pepper spray, hard case and jogger model. The hard case is often used by law enforcement and security personnel due to its durability. This type of Mace pepper spray typically comes with a clip so it can be attached to clothing or a belt. This style is best suited for those who need to carry their pepper spray on their person at all times.

The jogger model is designed specifically for easy carrying while exercising or jogging outdoors. This type of Mace pepper spray usually has an elastic band which allows you to attach the container securely while you’re on the move. It also features a flip-top lid that is designed to open quickly.

KeyGuard Pepper Spray is a popular brand of Mace pepper spray. This pepper spray model is designed to be comfortable and easy to use. It features a small thin pocket sized container with a simple and safe flip top lid. Thanks to its simple design it fits perfectly into any pocket or purse for discreet carry.

What are the laws and regulations around mace pepper spray?

The laws and regulations around Mace pepper spray vary from state to state. In most states, it is legal for an individual to possess and use pepper spray in self-defense, but there are certain restrictions. Generally, the container size must not exceed two ounces of OC solution and any individual 18 years or older may possess Mace Pepper Spray without a permit. However, some states require that individuals have a permit in order to purchase or carry Mace pepper spray. It is important to check local laws before carrying or using Mace Pepper Spray as punishments can vary from fines to jail time depending on the jurisdiction.


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